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Panama said this is not a review of the book because a review is to evaluate the quality of, like a Critic will review a book. These are not reviews but feedback you’d like to share with others; feelings of how the story, one of the characters, or conceptualization of Thrive In .LA felt for you, the reader. Feedback of specific plot points will not be displayed so the story remains fresh for future readers. THANK YOU!

Readers’ Feedback

I loved the book! I give it a five star rating because of how much I absolutely enjoyed reading it. Being able to stay off social media and away from the tv or just being able to take a step back from everything and read can be difficult for me sometimes, but I can definitely say that it was not difficult at all while reading this book. Some nights, I simply could not put it down because I was so excited to see what would happen next! I love the characters and how they started off together as kids and how each one’s story takes them all down different paths as they continue to grow. And how even though they are all on different journeys, they still have a bond that connects them all. Although I know the story is based on the four of them, I would like a little more insight into the background of their spouses. Just a little tho because I know that that may be distracting to the storylines of Skai, Raphe, Henry, and J. Overall, I thought it was a wonderful read.

  • Rebecca de la Riva
Scott Beaver is one crazy mofo. When he said he wrote a book, I was lmfao. Then I read it and all I can say is awesome. The story had me from the first chapter. I couldn’t stop reading it. So psyched for Episode 2. I can’t wait to see what these boys from LA get into next.
  • Panama

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