#single and #chilling My brothas be getting wild in Los Angeles beginning in 99

Stoked to be narrating the 1st Episode of Thrive In .LA, cool to catch a couple typos and read about their unique journey again. I’m a big fan watching these guys growth in so many ways that are intertwined with each other. Here’s a lil peak in the 1st Episode of Skai, Henry, Raphe, and J. https://thrivein.la/about/

#BezosEarthFund is so inspiring to the fellas of Thrive In .LA

I’m thrilled to learn that Jeff Bezos considers climate change as the biggest threat to our planet and is taking action to correct it. As a new author and online series creator for 2020, I’m incredibly grateful for his action. This inspiration could lead one or more of the young characters of Thrive In .LA in the future to do a lot for Mother Earth. Thanks Jeff!

Could You Imagine writing a passionate #comingofage series without any interest to read?

The effects of being in and waking from a coma gave Beaver, the author of the Thrive In .LA series, the creative aspiration to write but at the same time inhibited his reading comprehension and interest in reading altogether. So contemplating this story, he had to make sure that he had enough drama, action, love, passion, and humor to peek his own interest to turn the next page. These key elements of the story actually gave him more interest in writing it. And the most intriguing way of expressing that was through a fictional group of young, passionate brothers in his new home, Los Angeles.

If you decide to join our brothers; wild Skai, laid back Henry, disillusioned Raphe, and stable J’s journey, it could be a very fast read. You might want to take your time and absorb what is happening as the story jumps from one character to the next. The detail of their lives and the swift storylines might lead you to enjoy reading it a couple times. Keep in mind, their choices and actions effect each other. Either way, you have till the fourth month of 2020 to read what happens to these guys next and the ladies that they love and love them.

Beaver recommends downloading the free Kindle app on your iPhone or Android to read the ebook on your phone. But if reading on your tablet, computer, or paperback works better for you, then that’s definitely cool too. The technology to read ebooks on your phone is incredible! Enjoy and Share…

Could U Imagine these wild teens have their own 2020 series/?

Well, if you are looking for an intriguing and raw read for all of 2020, check out https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0841QN7YP . If you’re into audio books vs reading, will have those soon, my brothas and sistas.

Explore Los Angeles in 1999 through the eyes of best friends, local teens with intertwined lives. What a ride…

Could U Imagine the passionate feelings our brothers had coming of age?

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Closing his locker, Jacob, better known as J to his friends, watched a couple guys pass him as he considered his chances of being accepted to Columbia University. The thought of going to school in New York and the freedoms that it would bring. But of course, J would second guess his chances of getting in like he typically did when it came to his feelings in the closet. Henry noticed his friend deep in thought and glided over with some skin. J woke and nodded with a smile as he realized the time above the lockers hurrying off too class. If only J could give himself time to learn ways to relax. Henry on the other hand, took his time appreciating the passing beauties and saying hello to each one always cool calm and collected. He wasn’t worried about things, because he knew it would all work out for the best as long you remain cool calm and collected. J slowly strolled in class as the bell rang waking the teenager lost in the closet.

Skai on the other hand was rushing to see his high school sweetheart, Kayla, before varsity wrestling and weight lifting began. He wasn’t as light on his feet after a late night drinking malt liquor with his friend Raphe. Raphe’s choice, which had become a regular vice to deal with the traumatic experiences he dealt with on the streets of Los Angeles. Skai laughed and drank with him much later than he knew he should because of the concern he saw in his brothers eyes. The odds of a high school sweetheart let alone a woman to love seemed an impossibility to Raphe. It’s interesting to ponder how this story would have played out if Raphe found help early on for his isolation and addictions.

Could You Imagine being abandoned by your family at the age of 11 and being Los Angeles homeless?

Raphe didn’t have time to imagine or look back as the sun shined directly down on him. He figured in a few hours it would soon be dark and sleeping on the sidewalk with his family was no longer an option alone as a Los Angeles homeless. The petite boy passed strangers on the streets as tears rolled down his sore cheek near skid row unaware of the local shelter to help him. Eye contact was rare till he found the overpass that his parents had called home for the last couple months. As a Los Angeles homeless he crouched up against the wall as the endless traffic passed him. He felt sorrow for his loss but at the same time a liberation from the continual excuses that his old man would make and his mother’s justifications for them.

He imagined being in one of the passing new cars where happy children safely sat in the backseat. And as he longed for this, he watched the same man with slick back hair visit different vagrants under the overpass. Soon the man was smiling at Raphe as they continually made eye contact. One day, he approached the boy asking if he had seen a regular late night dweller? Raphe was keenly aware of his surroundings and began to naturally sense the movements of his homeless neighbors. He accepted a stapled paper bag that he’d deliver later that night for the slick back man. The following day he was given a sandwich for the delivery.

Could U Imagine discovering your soulmate in High School?

Another Monday to begin the week. He was pretty beat after winning the Southern California Varsity Tourney the previous Friday. Admiring students gave the wrestling champion high five, pounded him, hugs and others just cleared the way as he walked down the hall his Sophomore year. The young wrestler was bashful nodding to just about everybody he made eye contact with. It was unreal how much things had changed in a year. Skai had gone from running the streets of Hollywood with his hoodlum friend, Raphe, to becoming a wrestling champion in Southern California.

But regardless of his dad’s affection or notoriety what would happen next overshadowed everything else in his life. The hall was clear as he slowly walked pass the Principal’s office. He stopped for a minute and stretched his calves leaning on the water fountain. This had become like meditation for him as he closed his eyes and breathed deeply. After the daily workouts, his muscles bulged but remained lean and limber. Drifting off, he felt a gentle hand pat his shoulder and looked back to find a beautiful, new student smiling. Can I have a drink, she giggled. Skai was mesmerized looking in those foreign eyes of this young love and what looked like a green paint spot just below her left eye. He nodded with a smile as he stood aside admiring her bend over to drink and then playfully run off to Art Class.

Luckily, he found himself behind this young love in the lunch line. She had just moved to Los Angeles from Boulder, Colorado. Skai found himself talking to Kayla till the bell sounded. It was time to get back to class. They made plans to go to Venice beach and their love became inseparable…

Could U Imagine the importance of the arts for these guys…

Henry was a head of the game when he discovered that writing was the best way to deal with and enjoy his diverse emotions. His ability to express himself through word and weed was exceptional allowing him to remain cool calm and collected. Typically, leaving others laughing and following through with the plans that Henry had in mind. It was a usual day at Hollywood High School for Henry and Skai until they went to lunch. Of course, Skai was fired up about the wrestling matches he planned to win against the rival schools and his friend was busy chatting with the girls.

But as Henry spun his comical web for the ladies, he noticed a flyer hanging next to the entrance of the cafeteria and drifted over to it. It was introducing tryouts for the school play and easily removed. The young writer understood the importance of the arts for everyone. Henry looked over at his aggressive friend in the lunch line and cut in with a joke to those directly behind him. Skai pushed his lanky brother laughing till he noticed that his friend had dropped a piece of paper and picked it up. The wrestler was intrigued to find that it was an audition notice for the school play and put it in his pocket. Henry just smiled and kept moving forward chatting with the ladies cool calm and collected.

Later in the week, Skai surprisingly made it to the audition and was cast with a speaking role in the play. He quickly learned his lines and was able to juggle the rehearsal times and his wrestling practice. His brothers were all roaring when he stepped on to the stage and spoke a few lines. But the night of the play, his dad picked up a couple heading to San Diego and wasn’t there to see his shining son perform. The next morning, Skai remained silent as he ate breakfast with his dad who excitedly went on and on about his chances of winning state. Skai knew if he focused he could win for his old man. That was the one and only school play he was in.

Could U Imagine being the son of a successful film producer in Hollywood

Well, Jacob didn’t have to imagine. His dad was also born and raised in Hollywood. His first several jobs as a Production Assistant (PA) early on solidified his love of film making. Ben, always got a long with everyone on set with a smile and was willing to work as long as it took. His attention to detail lead to an Associate Producer credit on a low budget, independent film. Ben became a Film Producer early on but regardless of his increased pay, the Goldberg’s remained in Hollywood and his son went to Hollywood High School.

Jacob was a good kid that had an unusual indifference to his dad’s profession, status, or high end possessions. Jacob’s casual attitude clicked most with his Hollywood brothers; Skai, Henry, and Raphe. Henry usually had a way of talking Jacob into doing ridiculous high school things at his beautiful home. But regardless how stupid these rebellious teens could be, Mrs. Goldberg never lost her cool and made sure that Ben never found out. He dealt with enough stress as it was so she made sure that he didn’t deal with any at home.