A great time to reflect, Think about the reasoning of the Coronavirus , Take a walk in the Rain…

I recently stopped by Chipotle for a Veggie burrito and discovered something very unique. A dude was standing outside playing the trumpet in the cold, rain to nobody. I agreed with him that playing an instrument feels great and he also said it was a way of giving back. I’d love to give back like that to the Universe playing outside once I get good enough on the guitar and maybe hum a little too.

I’m glad to be home creating some things with a Tropical Island Beach in Thailand playing on the TV. Because every time I catch some news or go out I’m reminded of the scary times we are currently in as most people are wearing mask. I’ve heard several times that this week is comparable to 9/11 or Pearl Harbor or another terrifying time by many ‘experts’. I’m definitely not an expert or a Doctor, but I do have a few years of college completed and have internet access.

Today, it has been reported As of early March, the coronavirus outbreak had infected more than 100,000 people and killed more than 3,000 globally, the majority in China, where the illness was first detected in December. This is a tragedy unless you feel that their is a Heavenly after life and it is a growing experience for those left behind. Henry of www.thrivein.la probably believes that this, like everything else happens for a positive reason even if it doesn’t seem that way on the surface, and things always get better. Go figure, I agree. Keep in mind that the common flu has infected as many as 45 million Americans since October and killed as many as 46,000. Not to scare you like others, but a lot of people are effected by the common flu every year. Regardless of those mass numbers, it doesn’t ever result in shutting down everything and scaring people to wear mask and gloves, and harm people’s well being emotionally, physically, mentally and financially.

So, I’m wondering why is this respiratory cold shutting down the world when others that are more harmful never have? I recently received an email from Friends of the Earth informing me that the Trump administration is leasing off huge swaths of public lands in Colorado to the fossil fuel industry for fracking. (That article from the Audubon society came out February 20, 2020 right about the same time the Virus scare became public-hmmmm.) This will irreversibly damage public lands-we the people of the United States own, wildlife habitats, and the wildlife. Not to mention how detrimental this will be to local towns and Native Americans that live there. Interesting huh, I remember hearing that Trump was trying to alter laws protecting national parks so oil pipelines could go through them before this respiratory, cold virus became the worldwide epidemic.

Now, it’s all the public is concerned about because that’s all we hear about and terrified of. Our leadership and huge backer$ don’t have to worry about the publics’ awareness that our public lands are being sold out due to the fear of the Coronavirus scare. Or that concerned citizens of the 67,000 acres of land in Colorado will be able to share there concerns with fellow Americans. The distractions are always so sharp and deceptive when it comes to big money and politics….

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A Wonderfully Blessed Day!

Today, on Palm Sunday, I feel the strength and bold action that our brother Jesus had rolling into Jerusalem on his donkey to share his message of compassion, love, and forgiveness. Our year 2020 was based on his life and the time that he transitioned to heaven in a few days and then came back. A blessed day and Lord, that in time might help bring some sanity to the disturbed character, Raphe of Thrive In .LA.

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Take Two!! Shhhh in the Closet:)

Well, I was pretty stoked about narrating the complete Thrive In .LA 1st Episode a couple weeks ago! Whoa, this dream of sharing my series is actually happening and I completed the most fun part of it, recording Episode 1, right… Right, you might not be too surprised to hear that an audio setting was too low and I didn’t consider possible issues recording the whole book in an open room. So when we turned up the RMS levels to meet the ACX Submission Requirements, you could hear the lovely traffic of LA (hey, it’s an urban drama it fits the story but I digress) and that’s not professional quality.

My dream has always been to create art that people would appreciate and pay to enjoy since moving to Los Angeles. Then I would be a true, professional artist. So, I’ve moved my recording studio to the closet where the noise sound quality is quiet enough for an Audible. This has been another great learning experience and still dreaming of telling this story to millions of people around the US and the world.

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What does this all mean man

Well, it’s a beautiful day out. Appreciate how good it is Where ever you are, the fresh (no smog or pollution) breeze and beautiful climate.

Mother Earth has got to be loving this.

Peace and quiet and very little pollution that we are constantly producing without care is gone for a moment. Imagine where the economy will be from this and how beneficial the legalization of marijuana will be for the WORLD. For our economy, health, alternative fuels, and peace of mind. Henry Ford’s first Model-T was built to run on hemp gasoline and the CAR ITSELF WAS CONSTRUCTED FROM HEMP!

George Washington would be stoked to hear that!

Did you know Old Glory (the first American flag) and the Constitution are both made of hemp…

I’m excited about the future possibilities and the positive changes that will be following this hype.

I’m still in the process of reading Episode 1 and am stoked that Thrive In .LA Episode 2 will be coming out in April. I’m so flabbergasted that I had to get my groove on with my lady…

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As we continue to grow and think of Mother Earth

Well, I’m glad to be staying home with most of the United States to give Mother Earth a chance to chill without the typical 350 million Americans busily doing our things on her surface. I feel selfish because in the back of my mind I’m thinking I wish it were back to normal already. We have business, bills to pay, places to go out to, hang out with our loved ones, and do the coolest things to do in the world. I quit watching TV and the news a couple years ago because it seems to have an agenda of provoking worry, fear, and anxiety. Things that don’t help keep me healthy mentally and physically.

Anyway, I do like the internet and the massive connections we’re making with our worldwide community, business, technology, it’s all pretty cool. So I remain kind of tuned it. And the ego is like, this is ridiculous, it’s just been reported that 1,711 people have died from this virus in America and 100,000 people have caught it who probably won’t even realize they have it. The selfish ego goes on, thinking what about the 56,000 people die a year from the Cold and common flu now not to mention pneumonia (that’s life, right). And the ridiculous ego is like so why don’t we close everything down more often for everyone that dies from the cold, flu, and not to mention the nearly 70,000 deaths from pneumonia a year in the USA too?

But then I take a deep fresh breath of air and realize how wonderful this is for our Mother Earth. Stay positive and healthy.

I’m sorry for the ego because I feel for those that have lost one of the 1711 people that have died from this ridiculous virus out of the 350,000,000 people in the US and in other parts of the world. But I wonder if more people are being effected that are dealing with the worry, fear, and anxiety that is resulting from this scare? It’s an awful feeling when you have a retail business with employees to pay or have to let them go for a virus less harmful than the cold, common flu, and pneumonia. Interesting, the TV, news, and media benefit from worry, fear, and anxiety.

Whatever, I’m stoked that you can check out the first few chapters of the urban drama, Thrive In .LA Episode 1 to see if it’s something you’d be interested in reading while your chillin at home.

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When you have a Blog, I guess you write about

About what’s going on cuz I’ve written about the Urban Drama, Thrive In .LA ePisode 1 mucho and I love it. This Coronavirus world event that is happening right now is actually kind of nice for our Mother Earth. All business and most traffic have stopped in my huge, homie, Los Angeles and the world. So she can finally have a few days of fresh air to breath.

It’s all You

Ahhhh deeply breath in then hold your breath for a few then slowly exhale hold your breath for a few and peace out as you continue to deeply breath in and out slowly. Enjoy that peace, clarity, and love within you always. Wouldn’t it be so nice to the environment if we could close down the city a few days a week or month to let Mother Earth chill and breath. And on those days we all have to stay home and chill for Mother Earth and her beautifully pure family, not drive and throw Robie:)

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Proofing Episode 2 was a real treat as I chilled at home listening to the US Coronavirus Task Force

I’m happy that I caught the Presidential Update yesterday on this virus. I especially appreciated hearing Dr. Birx’s opinion on the subject as a member of the US Coronavirus Task Force. She said that the test rates across the country, which are few now, are still way under 10% except for one place: New York City, metro New York, New Jersey, close to New York City which is around 28%. Basically, the virus is affecting people that have pre-existing conditions that are older than 50. Their have been no coronavirus positive test results that lead to death with a healthy person 50 years old or younger. And no fatalities of anyone younger than 15 years old. So, if you’re elderly with preexisting health conditions enjoy your solo, cozy pad until this passes and if you’re a healthy, 50 year old or younger, relax. We’ve all had a cold or flu and gotten over it right, By the way, this is a great series to take you through 2020 beginning in 1999.

Yesterday, I was chilling at home and proofing Episode 2 that will be released next month. Keep in mind, I wrote the first two episodes in 1999 so it’s a really, fresh read-haha. Reading about carless Henry praising Skai’s 1984 Nissan Pulsar, good ole Betsy, right before Henry slowly pulled out of UCLA heading down Sunset Blvd to smoke at the beach with his thespian brother, Skai. I was laughing out loud a few times reading this young Californian’s thoughts and dialogue with his up and coming buddy. I’m happy that I am finally sharing this wonderful story of some real diverse, unique, funny, crazy, young, honest in their own ways, beautiful brothers and sisters of Los Angeles…

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Episode 1 Audio gets Wild, the catalyst moment for our brothas in Hollywood

Incredible time listening to the 2nd Chapter of Thrive In .LA for the fist time as an MP3 file. Such a great time narrating and bringing these characters to life. It’s pretty cool, learning to record, edit and create Audio Books! Stoked to add Episode 1 as an Audible soon-YEH
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A Great Read while You’re Home this weekend!

Have you ever thought about what lead up to an Actor discovering their talent? What they went through before and during their rise to fame? The love, loss, and humor of friends and family on their journey to stardom.

Check out the first few chapters to see if this urban drama is your thing.

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Thank God for Positive Thoughts and Inner Divinity

I’m grateful to have special times dancing with others sharing joy and happiness. It’s awesome choosing to have a positive mindset to be happy and healthy, no matter what. Thank God, for the rain and sunshine to wash away this Cold/Flu. I’m grateful for this time to reflect on our Mother Earth and our worldwide community, for their care and love, so she reflects her love as always on us. Relax, it’s all so good, I keep hearing. Life’s twist and turns always have a way of working themselves out and things always look better than they were before the challenges…

I sound like Henry-hahaha Peace~

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