Hey, Let me tell you a rags to riches urban story! Listen to Sample here:

Click this image to hear Sample of Episode 1

Sit back, relax, and get lost in an urban drama. Feels good to be entertained, Let’s do this…

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An enlightening blog to emotional mastery, thank you Leah:)


This image is from Leah’s post that diagrams the Wise Mind vs the Rational Mind and Emotional Mind. It’s a super, clear message and guide to emotional mastery, thanks Leah…

I read Leah’s blog 5 Considerations to Make when Conducting an Emotional Audit and am compelled to share it. I’m pretty new to blogging and find myself enjoying more and more what I learn and appreciate reading other supportive, blogger’s post. This is fantastic advise to show anyone how to gain emotional mastery. She clearly explains what to understand about yourself emotionally to take the right actions so emotional patterns don’t control our lives.

Great blog, thanks Leah…

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The Hollywood fellas are straight up like Mother Earth, let’s heal her before…

Mother Earth Healing

There is so much going on right now that’s leading to so much confusion and fear in America and the world. I have fantastic conversations with diverse people daily. Definitely One of the coolest attributes of LA is the diversity. It’s killer! I don’t want to write anymore about what he said or she said, I have my own thoughts and opinions like you do to but their was this older, white surfer dude, I might end with-hahaha. I can say that it’s good to hear that people are thinking and talking about whatever it is they feel they should share, their sharing, that’s freedom of speech. God Bless America!

Anyway, I came across an older surfer looking dude yesterday in Hermosa Beach that was like, when is anyone going to speak up, this is bullshit. This outspoken dude that’s frustrated by Americans inability to speak up. He looked around the gas station and said, look everyone is fine. Why isn’t anyone speaking up? I agreed with him and as I drive around LA and find more For Lease signs displayed in formerly occupied small businesses. I see so many vacant businesses, I see business owners sitting on a chair in front of the entrance of their small business without business.

I care about destitute people. I care about my well being and others. I especially care about Mother Earth and the rest of her children. If we keep abusing and raping her we’ll get to the point of no return. In the documentary, Chasing Coral, it shows how the planets’ coral reefs are bleaching due to global warming and the sea life that no longer have places to call home. You see, fortunately for us, the ocean is absorbing the increased heat if it wasn’t the documentary states that it would be an average temperature of 133 degrees, what the fuck, that’s hot!

In America, I feel our leadership is more concerned with keeping control through fear and confusion and of course, the economy. If we keep screwing with the planet and the temperature ends up being 133 degrees, I don’t think the economy or any other distractions will matter, no matter how many times their repeated on the focused media. The beautiful place we’ve grown up in to leave future generations we love dearly will be 133 degrees out. Then our world and homes will be getting bleached out like the sea life we are not acting to protect since they taste so good and we can’t understand their speech or feelings anyway, so who cares, right… I’d imagine Mother Earth will be fine, if it gets too hot for her and her innocent children, well, what happened in that one book that was written a long time ago when humanity began to get out of control? Or maybe like when the dinosaurs began to get out of control with her innocent children, what happened to those big fellas?

So what does our 2020 ridiculousness have to do with the 1999, Hollywood fellas in the Thrive In .LA series? Not much, but the older surfer dude reminded me of Henry, the Hollywood, Venice beach teen with the shoulder length hair on the cover of both Episode 1 and Episode 2. He has a remarkable way with humor, positive words, the ladies and foresight. He cares about truth, love, the Native Americans, our environment, weed, having a good time, 50/50 on college, writing and the ladies!

Are you ready for a cool ride of 4 close teenage buddies born and raised in Hollywood, Ca? Then grab a book and escape to their comical situations, unusual love stories, unexpected events, failure and success! I wanna tell you a story that begins in 1999 till who knows when, kick back my friends and enjoy the ride-hahaha

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Vocals&Acoustic, Oh Really:)

I’m stoked that I met Gavin Reign, the audio engineer who set the audio levels of the Thrive In .LA Episode 1 Audio book for the appropriate Audible Audio levels. After recording the entire first episode with Garageband in an open room, I discovered that the mic picked up the traffic and other extraneous noises. It came out to be about 6 and half hours all together, what a great Audio engineering / recording lesson I learned. if I had paid attention to the ACX University suggestions I might have learned a valuable lesson beforehand and saved myself nearly 7 hours-haha:) Fortunately, Gavin recommended that I pick up Logic Pro X to do the second narration.

I’m excited to hear the Audible soon! It’s the first narration I’ve done!

In the meantime, I’ve been discovering a great deal about the composition capabilities of Logic Pro X. The creative capabilities that Apple gives us is AWESOME, thank you Steve Jobs for leading the way! When I’m not working, this whole mask 2020 thing has been very inspiring. After creating the last two songs I felt like taking it a step further to composing a song with lyrics and sing my first song. The title of the song is Believe. It should be on some streaming services pretty soon. That’d be sweet if you dig it and like to share it.

You’re Welcome to:

Pre-save my new single “Believe” on Spotify: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/scottbeaver/believe-2

(powered by @distrokid)

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Ever felt unhealthy and know one has an answer for your well being?

Dr. Drew Hall – Patient Testimonials – Jet Ski accident – Coma

Well, after I suffered a crazy, jet ski accident when I was 17 years old and spent a few weeks in a coma, I learned how crippling a chronic pain issue can be especially when no specialist can determine what is wrong or how to heal it. It’s weird, I’ve dealt with this chronic pain for a majority of my life but have always kept it to myself for the most part. After meeting Drew Hall that all changed. My healing began when a friend of mine that I had grown up with and knew about the accident moved to Los Angeles and began studying at Chiropractic College here. He told me about a student in clinic that was performing a specialized adjustment to the Upper Cervical (neck) area that he felt might be able to help me. Since I had suffered a killer whiplash (post traumatic experience from the jet ski accident).

This was perfect timing because I had just lost my health insurance and the only treatment that seemed to help was now ending. That treatment had been from a neurologist that told me their were no answers to my condition but he did provide me with somewhat of an answer. Basically, he gave me shots of botoxin in my ankle and foot every 3 months and daily doses of the medication, klonopin, to deal with the chronic pain. The shots seemed to work for a little while in combination with the klonopin but if I didn’t take the klonopin first thing in the morning or regularly have the botoxin shots, the chronic pain was unbearable, it was getting worse. I was on the edge without an answer and I kept hearing what my mom had said to me after multiple surgeries were unsuccessful when I was a teenager, “you might have to live with this the rest of your life.”

Maybe you’re in the same boat or know someone that is who has heard from many specialists and your or their loved ones that you might have to live with a detrimental condition that has no solutions. But I digress, my old friend, Edwin Hopson DC introduced me to the upper cervical chiropractic student, Drew Hall, in clinic that has helped realign my body’s misalignment that was causing the chronic pain and other issues. After the first couple adjustments, I have never wanted or used a dose of medication like klonopin or regular shots of botoxin again. Don’t get me wrong, the body goes through healing cycles that takes time and care. But to experience your body healing itself after years of no answers from specialist that have lead to unnecessary surgeries and medication is amazing! I’m blown away how I can continue to feel better by this specialized adjustment to my upper cervical (neck) area that Dr. Drew Hall seems to have mastered. He is now the president of this specialized chiropractic organization. I guess, I’m grateful that I suffered the accident and am now aware of this care so I can share the incredible innate healing benefits of it.

A great friend of mine has been feeling terribly ill for a couple years now thinking he might be near death. He had tried 17 different scenarios to determine what was causing his stomach issues and lack of energy but all test came back inconclusive. I recommended Drew’s care and after an MRI scan that also came back inconclusive, my friend was at his wit’s end. He met Drew and began care. After his third adjustment, about three weeks of care, I recently saw him with a big smile, wide eyed, and color in his face. He told me that he already felt 90% better! I’ve been under care for many years and understand our incredible body’s healing power but when I see it miraculously heal others, it still blows me away. My old friend and healer, Drew is pretty blown away by the body’s healing force as well…

I wonder how differently the Thrive In .LA series might have begun if I had known and experienced the natural healing benefits of Upper Cervical Chiropratic Care before writing the beginning? I wonder if the protagonist and exceptional wrestler, Skai Jenkins, was in alignment, would he of been drinking so heavily as a teenager that lead to the catalyst moment of the story? I wonder if his mother was in alignment would she have abandoned him as an infant and his father due to her depression in Hollywood? And Raphe could of had a different life if he was healthy and cared for but he grew up on the streets of Los Angeles alone with only drugs to escape and survive with.

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Ever been worn out and act like an Ass?

I’ll be the first to admit it because I find life in Los Angeles a hustle especially during this mask period. Regardless of the hustle, I love the City of Angels! Don’t get me wrong, if my choice was to have a normal life then there are incredible cities all over America and incredible countries with wonderful people where the cost of living is affordable and easier going. Shit, I’ve been here for a while and to maintain a comfortable lifestyle I have to hustle like you might. Fortunately, the gig economy has freed me now. But with incredible flexibility and independent peace of mind, it also brings a real hustle, sink or swim-Bro!

But sometimes after a long day, you might be impatient or irritable to others without considering your rude behavior. After what could have been a wonderful time connecting with an incredible person; chilling out, laughing, drumming, and taking it EZ, brotha, you walk away going what did I do or say? Los Angeles might be a challenging place to thrive, but meeting fantastic people in a true, global community is real. It doesn’t matter if your white, brown, yellow, red, drive what, wear, think, act, or groove, you’re bound to meet warm and fantastic people. And if you’re respectful to them you might create a wonderful friendship with someone that you admire and they do to. Life is cool like that, wherever you are, there will always be cool people to chill with and create awesome friendships that will help you both grow and thrive.

I was driving before the New Year’s Eve Celebration of 2017 and dropped off some ladies at the Dave Chappelle and John Mayer performance at the Forum. Killer events like those around town are plentiful and if you have the chance to go, Go. I haven’t made it to many events like this yet but the protagonist, Skai Jenkins in the Thrive In .LA series does. After growing up with only a single father in the heart of Hollywood in the 90s, Skai finds his rambunctious ways mixed with alcohol to be detrimental to him. His athletic prowess and looks leads to an unreal confrontation in county jail with a serial rapist. What follows foreshadows the determination to succeed against the odds and leads to cool events, back stage with artists like Dave Chappelle and John Mayer. You never know in the city of Angels where or who you might end up with as a rising star. Enjoy Skai Jenkin’s cool journey to Thrive In .LA!

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Creative CoVert Normalcy

Well, it’s nice to see some normalcy coming back to Los Angeles. There was normalcy of some sort in Los Angeles of 1999. I was able to work as a bar back at a sweet party some where in the Hollywood Hills on the New Years of 1999. But the normalcy wasn’t memories of that night because I was working rather I was able to stick to my New Year’s Resolution the last night of the millennium. After years of trying to quit smoking cigarettes, I was finally able to do it. Thank God, that was such a hardcore addiction but it was fortunate to experience such a crazy drug. It made for good writing realistic drug abuse issues that our boys experience in the Thrive In .LA series.

Normalcy is so fascinating as we role into 2020 of this millennium. The creativity that is imploding from my funky soul this bizarre time is taking any signs of normalcy somewhere else. Or is this normalcy that has been yearning to be expressed for many years finally coming full center. I dig it! Writing a song, composing music for it, practice singing the words of the song, and memorizing and recording it. That’s bizarre but absolutely delicious looking forward to narrating Episode 2 after the song. I’m not sure of any such normalcy in Los Angeles that I’ve experienced.

When you grow up in a Drum Circle at Venice Beach, Cali, wild Los Angeles leading to a cubicle, computer, and headset to survive you can be pretty certain that you’ll be. This millennium will be fantastic especially considering the beautiful planet, Earth, that we will be thoughtfully leaving to generations that will be enjoying the nature, wildlife, space, and plenty of natural resources. A healthy, planet Earth and our civilization still thriving in 3000. It seems so far away but 3000 years since Jesus’s life is like a second to Mother Earth. What if we became so thoughtful and enlightened that our children’s children to the power of many enjoyed the Earth 10,000 years from now? This millennium normalcy isn’t normal, you get it. And neither are my brothers, Henry, Raphe, Skai, and J beginning their stories as they are graduating from Hollywood High School of 1999 to Thrive In .LA.

Life is So Cool when You Create

Well, it’s only been a while since I wrote the first two literary episodes of Thrive In .LA. But the joy of writing and continuing the story of the boys in LA is back! J’s just made it back to his new home away from home to begin his studies to receive a PHD in psychology from Colombia University. Henry is contemplating big steps that will take his life to the next level. Skai has disappeared after starring in another feature film that is at the top of the box office but is his disappearance due to the tabloids or something much more meaningful. Raphe is still using and abusing as he expands his distribution business.

If you’re interested in a great diversion from the bizarre 2020s, then step back to 1999 and see what the boys from LA are into next. Life is fast when you grow up in a major city like Los Angeles before the millennium. Enjoy the Wild Ride…

A Key to Happiness and Positive Changes

Well, that’s a pretty huge key hole to fill and I’m not a huge fan of locks or carrying a large key so I’ll get to the point. The Thrive In .LA series begins with a major catalyst moment that sets the future objectives in motion for our brothers. The guilt and loss of his best friend was too much for Raphe to handle that sets him on a downward spiral emotionally, mentally, and physically. The words that Raphe continually uses of himself cast a dark shadow on his being. The following is an excerpt from Episode 1.

     “I’m an asshole, I’m such a fucking asshole,” Raphe said as he waited for the bus on the corner outside of the courthouse.  Henry and J were silent because they had always overlooked how Raphe got by, whether it was because they always had fun or it was excused because Raphe was on his own.  That’s how he made a living, regardless, it wasn’t hurting anyone but the buyers.  Those good times were over now, they realized as Skai looked over his shoulder at us and nodded his head once as he exited the courtroom.
       The bus came to a stop and the door flew open, Raphe never looked up as he got on, still muttering to himself, “I’m such a fucking asshole.” 

This is a pretty extreme situation of using your words against yourself but I feel in many ways at some time or another we use our words and/or thoughts to curse ourselves. The Key to Happiness and Positive Changes that I’m sharing lies in your inner thoughts and feelings. Guard them with meditation, moderation, exercise, peaceful places, positive friends, the thoughts and feelings you surround yourself with can make or break you.

Fortunately, Raphe has positive and caring friends that help him manage but his inner demons and addictions lead to unreal deception and a major drug distribution network.

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Panama has continued his journey to Episode 2 and shares his thoughts of the Thrive In .LA series with yas:)

Scott Larner aka Panama, is a great buddy that I hung with the two years I was enrolled at Marshall University before heading to LA. I was stoked to hear Panama’s valued opinion of the Thrive In .LA series because as you’ll shortly read, Panama is about as genuine and straight up as they come. I found that to be a common attribute for West Virginians but Panama, well, we raged many times with the Thundering Herd so I figured he’d appreciate some of the asinine actions of the LA Boys.

When I offered him a free copy to read Episode 1, he was reluctant. He told me that he didn’t read that often and to make it through a whole book probably wouldn’t happen. I completely understood and would probably say the same thing if an old friend asked me to read their novel but give it a shot dude. He’s a brotha and agreed to give it a shot. Four days later, he called to tell me that he was nearly done, reading about 6 chapters a day-hahaha. You can imagine how exciting this was to hear! So exciting that I wanted to dedicate this blog to PANANA when he told me that he just bought Episode 2 and his excitement in reading it.

I caught Panama as he was out on a run in Charlotte, NC asking if he could share his feelings getting ready to begin reading Episode 2.

Scott Beaver is one crazy mofo. When he said he wrote a book, I was lmfao. Then I read it and all I can say is awesome. The story had me from the first chapter. I couldn’t stop reading it. So psyched for Episode 2. I can’t wait to see what these boys from LA get into next.

Thank you Panama for the inspiration as I begin writing what happens next!!!

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