All My Love by Imaginary Future

“Los Angeles burns today” are the opening lyrics of this song from four years ago that could easily have been written today as fires continue to burn in California. I love this song because of it’s equally relevant message of Love. The soothing melody and vocals are inspiring.

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California by O.A.R.

This is sung like the voice of an incredibly encouraging dad inspiring his son to go for it! It means a lot to me as a California transplant and what I like to remember about my dad in his own way.

Give Yourself a Minute to Join the Meditation

Scott Beaver takes you on a guided meditation in his own mindfulness way. Learn to still your mind and embrace the peace and clarity that comes from meditation. Be still and enjoy the ride, you’ll feel wonderful after a short meditation…

The Series Thrive In .LA is on Hold…

I’ve come to the realization that Thrive In. LA could you use some modifications and a clear ending vs leaving the reader hanging at the end of the first two episodes. I’m not a fan of reading books that leave you cliff hanging after investing your time and emotions in it which Episode 1 and 2 currently do-sorry about that if you have read either. I’m not sure where I’m going with this story or if it will be offered as volumes when it’s truly completed in the future.

The characters and story are great but I haven’t spent the time to truly edit it so it’s appropriate for any aged audience which is now the goal. The creation of meaningful music, stories, scripts, businesses, and friendships are most important to me at this point in my life.