Life is So Cool when You Create

Well, it’s only been a while since I wrote the first two literary episodes of Thrive In .LA. But the joy of writing and continuing the story of the boys in LA is back! J’s just made it back to his new home away from home to begin his studies to receive a PHD in psychology from Colombia University. Henry is contemplating big steps that will take his life to the next level. Skai has disappeared after starring in another feature film that is at the top of the box office but is his disappearance due to the tabloids or something much more meaningful. Raphe is still using and abusing as he expands his distribution business.

If you’re interested in a great diversion from the bizarre 2020s, then step back to 1999 and see what the boys from LA are into next. Life is fast when you grow up in a major city like Los Angeles before the millennium. Enjoy the Wild Ride…

A Key to Happiness and Positive Changes

Well, that’s a pretty huge key hole to fill and I’m not a huge fan of locks or carrying a large key so I’ll get to the point. The Thrive In .LA series begins with a major catalyst moment that sets the future objectives in motion for our brothers. The guilt and loss of his best friend was too much for Raphe to handle that sets him on a downward spiral emotionally, mentally, and physically. The words that Raphe continually uses of himself cast a dark shadow on his being. The following is an excerpt from Episode 1.

     “I’m an asshole, I’m such a fucking asshole,” Raphe said as he waited for the bus on the corner outside of the courthouse.  Henry and J were silent because they had always overlooked how Raphe got by, whether it was because they always had fun or it was excused because Raphe was on his own.  That’s how he made a living, regardless, it wasn’t hurting anyone but the buyers.  Those good times were over now, they realized as Skai looked over his shoulder at us and nodded his head once as he exited the courtroom.
       The bus came to a stop and the door flew open, Raphe never looked up as he got on, still muttering to himself, “I’m such a fucking asshole.” 

This is a pretty extreme situation of using your words against yourself but I feel in many ways at some time or another we use our words and/or thoughts to curse ourselves. The Key to Happiness and Positive Changes that I’m sharing lies in your inner thoughts and feelings. Guard them with meditation, moderation, exercise, peaceful places, positive friends, the thoughts and feelings you surround yourself with can make or break you.

Fortunately, Raphe has positive and caring friends that help him manage but his inner demons and addictions lead to unreal deception and a major drug distribution network.

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Panama has continued his journey to Episode 2 and shares his thoughts of the Thrive In .LA series with yas:)

Scott Larner aka Panama, is a great buddy that I hung with the two years I was enrolled at Marshall University before heading to LA. I was stoked to hear Panama’s valued opinion of the Thrive In .LA series because as you’ll shortly read, Panama is about as genuine and straight up as they come. I found that to be a common attribute for West Virginians but Panama, well, we raged many times with the Thundering Herd so I figured he’d appreciate some of the asinine actions of the LA Boys.

When I offered him a free copy to read Episode 1, he was reluctant. He told me that he didn’t read that often and to make it through a whole book probably wouldn’t happen. I completely understood and would probably say the same thing if an old friend asked me to read their novel but give it a shot dude. He’s a brotha and agreed to give it a shot. Four days later, he called to tell me that he was nearly done, reading about 6 chapters a day-hahaha. You can imagine how exciting this was to hear! So exciting that I wanted to dedicate this blog to PANANA when he told me that he just bought Episode 2 and his excitement in reading it.

I caught Panama as he was out on a run in Charlotte, NC asking if he could share his feelings getting ready to begin reading Episode 2.

Scott Beaver is one crazy mofo. When he said he wrote a book, I was lmfao. Then I read it and all I can say is awesome. The story had me from the first chapter. I couldn’t stop reading it. So psyched for Episode 2. I can’t wait to see what these boys from LA get into next.

Thank you Panama for the inspiration as I begin writing what happens next!!!

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An Alternative Hip Hop tune my brotha calls a Meditation Rap

Well, I guess it was a matter of time till I figured out how to rap in the microphone as the beats created are playing in these headphones. Be Still is the first track that I was able to throw down some lyrics on the beat I created. That’s ridiculous and awesome too! Technology these days, being able to create new hip hop music or new rap songs at the touch of a keyboard. Drum to your own beat is the inspiration, screw perfection when the goal is to express your art with disregard to who ever has anything negative to say about it.

I like positive new hip hop music and new rap songs, they feel good to hear and flow to, yeah baby, will you flow? I like that, how art begins and then grows into whatever the artist or audience is feeling. Enjoy Be Still

It’s a tough call figuring out if Henry, Raphe, Skai, or J would dig this the most from the Thrive In .LA series. Since it begins in 1999 and they were in to the pioneer rap of the time. Who do you think would dig it?

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Welcome the We Love Beaver Special Group!

It’s a been a long time coming but the time has come to merge these amazing groups! The We Love Beaver special crew and you know who you are is invited to carry on the ridiculous conversation with the whole Thrive In .LAhere Facebook group page. Bradley admits that he might have been dragged, kicking and screaming to the We Love Beaver group that our long winded leader of the group, Lenny, holds together. What did you eat Lenny??? Join us at

Ready to begin the Thrive In .LA series, get started

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Take Time for Twelve Things

Oh Patricia, you’re so enlightening baby… I’m present and thoughtful reading your wonderful insights about our health. How simplistic and primitive your suggestions are to innately heal ourselves with the right self care, actions, and thoughts. I hear you madam…

Take Time for 12 Things

1. Take time to Work –
it is the price of success.
2. Take time to Think –
it is the source of power.
3. Take time to Play –
it is the secret of youth.
4. Take time to Read –
it is the foundation of knowledge.
5. Take time to Worship –
it is the highway of reverence and washes the dust of earth from our eyes.
6. Take time to Help and Enjoy Friends –
it is the source of happiness.
7. Take time to Love and Share –
it is the one sacrament of life.
8. Take time to Dream –
it hitches the soul to the stars.
9. Take time to Laugh –
it is the singing that helps life’s loads.
10. Take time for Beauty –
it is everywhere in nature.
11. Take time for Health –
it is the true wealth and treasure of life.
12. Take time to Plan –
it is the secret of being able to have time for the first 11 things

I wonder if Thrive In .LA would be a less disturbing series if Raphe understood these Twelve Things to Take Time for, like his brother Henry understood.


Oh Fasting – Feel Better and Remain Healthy!

I’m definitely ready to feel better and think about choices that will help me remain positive and healthy. I’m familiar with the many benefits of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and scored when I discovered that Paul and his daughter, Patricia Bragg wrote, The Miracle of Fasting: Proven throughout History for physical, Mental, Spiritual Rejuvenation book. When I discovered that animals in the wild naturally stop eating when they get sick, I figured, I’m pretty wild, I’m in. Fasting has helped me get over sickness in a day in the past after a 24 hour water fast, but I digress, what does Patricia Bragg have to say.

Fasting renews your faith in yourself, your strength and Gods strength.
Fasting is easier than any diet. • Fasting is the quickest way to lose weight.
Fasting is adaptable to a busy life. • Fasting gives the body a physiological rest. Fasting is used successfully in the treatment of many physical illnesses.
Fasting can yield weight losses of up to 10 pounds or more in the first week. Fasting lowers & normalizes cholesterol, homocysteine & blood pressure levels. Fasting improves dietary habits. • Fasting increases pleasure eating healthy foods. Fasting is a calming experience, often relieving tension and insomnia.
Fasting frequently induces feelings of euphoria, a natural high.
Fasting is a miracle rejuvenator, slowing the aging process.
Fasting is a natural stimulant to rejuvenate the growth hormone levels.
Fasting is an energizer, not a debilitator. • Fasting aids the elimination process. Fasting often results in a more vigorous marital relationship.
Fasting can eliminate smoking, drug and drinking addictions.
Fasting is a regulator, educating the body to consume food only as needed.
Fasting saves time spent marketing, preparing and eating.
Fasting rids the body of toxins, giving it an internal shower & cleansing.
Fasting does not deprive the body of essential nutrients.
Fasting can be used to uncover the sources of food allergies.
Fasting is used effectively in schizophrenia treatment & other mental illnesses.
Fasting under proper supervision can be tolerated easily up to four weeks.
Fasting does not accumulate appetite; hunger pangs disappear in 1-2 days.
Fasting is routine for the animal kingdom.
Fasting has been a common practice since the beginning of man’s existence.
Fasting is a rite in all religions; the Bible alone has 74 references to it.
Fasting under proper conditions is absolutely safe.
Fasting is a blessing.
Fasting is not starving, it’s nature’s cure that God has given us.” – Patricia Bragg

Spiritual Bible Reasons Why We Should Fast
 Acts 13:2-3 Acts 14:23-25 3 John 2
1 Cor. 10:31 1 Cor. 13:4-7 Deut. 8:3-8
Deut. 11:7-14,21 Ezra 8:23
Gen. 6:3
Gal. 5:16-26 Isaiah 58:6,8 Joel 2:12
Luke 4:2-5,14 Luke 9:1-6,11 Mark 2:16-20 Matthew 4:1-4 Matthew 6:16-18 Matthew 7:7-8
Matthew 9: 9-15 Matthew 17:18-21 Neh. 1:4
Neh. 9:1, 20-21 Psalms 35:13 Psalms 119:18

I’d imagine that J would be the first to try fasting based on the decisions that he makes following Episode 1 of Thrive In .LA. Which brother do you think would choose fasting?

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It’s Unusual to feel Unusually happy about creating my 1st tune with Logic Pro X

During this time of a worldwide epidemic that is taking many lives and crushing so many lives in unquantifiable ways, I’m embracing self-expression. The joy of creating new art and sharing the expressions from the past to continue today is exhilarating. But it also feels strange sharing joy and excitement of artistic expression when there is so much trouble now. As we watch another African American man being abused, assaulted, and killed by several officers who’s duty is to serve and to protect. I had just moved to Los Angeles after the Rodney King riots had occurred and the officers were acquitted of the abuse that was caught on video. I wonder what might happen if the officers are not held accountable for there deadly actions to George Floyd?

The internet fortunately points out that a former airman, a 21 years old African American man, Dreasjon Reed, was shot and killed by Indianapolis police earlier this month. It’s fortunate because I hope that this tragic racial killing is shared with enough people that change will follow now. I believe that things must get better, but the monkey mind challenges and doubts this optimism that has helped me withstand the ups and downs of Los Angeles.

When I began this blog, my intentions were to share the Thrive In .LA series, positivity, art and helpfulness with others who might enjoy reading and benefiting from it. But my excitement continues to be overshadowed by the tragic events that continue to happen to my fellow Americans, even a former Air Force member. How can this happen in the land of the free? How can the color of someone’s skin be so targeted? How can this be tolerated by our leaders? I’m sickened by this.

I was supposed to be writing a blog entry about my delight and enthusiasm of creating my first tune with Logic Pro X. Are you kidding me, this tune makes me want to dance! That’s so cool, to create a song that inspires me to dance like playing a djembe drum that inspires dancing! I’m eager to create meaningful music, write intriguing future episodes of Thrive In .LA, cost effectively direct the Thrive series, introduce healthy ideas for our planet in an environmental action film that’s ready to shoot, and perform with some amazing artists in LA. If you’d like to help me do this, leave an anonymous tip.

How do you feel about however you feel right now with all this change is in the world?

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A Virus, Racial Abuse, and Curfew in the US

It’s pretty crazy times we’re in right now. I’m still a bit surprised having to a wear a mask at times and now their is a curfew in Los Angeles. I guess, I understand the need for them both and am sorry for everyone that is being effected by this virus and especially racial abuse. Unfortunately, I feel that many more people are being negatively effected by this virus that don’t have it.

The racial abuse doesn’t make sense to me though. We are the same, regardless of our race. We all share love for each other, we all have hopes and dreams, we all are here to help one another. If we all looked out for each other regardless of whatever is used to divide us, imagine how much better our society would be. As a vegetarian, I feel this way for our most innocent and helpless neighbors that we are responsible for as we steward this planet for who knows how much longer the way we’re treating it.

I see training tactics like a knee in the neck to subdue someone by our law enforcement. Do you understand how critical that part of your body is for our well being and livelihood? That’s the primary pathway from the brain stem to the spinal cord that controls all the nerves in your body. I saw a policeman breaking up the protestors yesterday in New York and his reaction was to hold the protestor down with his knee in his neck. Luckily, there was another officer that pushed his knee back off the protestor’s neck. I admire the Houston police chief, Art Acevedo’s thoughts that their is “no excusing” the killing of George Floyd.

Thanks for reading this and share your thoughts. How do you feel about everything now?

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