Thrive In .LA is a wild look at Los Angeles through the eyes’ of four, best friends beginning in 1999. Skai, Henry, J, and Raphe have all grown up on the harsh, streets of Los Angeles. The twist and turns of these young men make for an epic journey as the reader gets to experience how and why they become who they become. Their unique love connections are unusual but their partners’ timing are perfect to say the least…

Scott Beaver was born and raised in Louisville, Ky. After his 3rd year of college, he dropped out, packed up his car, and moved to Los Angeles, CA. His creative passion, inspired him to write some of Looking out the Window, now Thrive In .LA in 1999.

However, Scott’s unique, creativity following a severe closed head injury took him in other directions. But he has been lead back to this urban story about his brothers and their progression to Thrive in .LA. The fast pace and choice of alternative topics make for an exhilarating read. The series will run for four episodes and scheduled to end by 2021.

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