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Thrive In .LA is currently on hold to determine what’s next…

From the Streets of Hollywood to a Rising Star acting with Cheri Bonswuela!

“I loved the book! I give it a five star rating because of how much I absolutely enjoyed reading it. Being able to stay off social media and away from the tv or just being able to take a step back from everything and read can be difficult for me sometimes, but I can definitely say that it was not difficult at all while reading this book. Some nights, I simply could not put it down because I was so excited to see what would happen next!

– Rebecca De La Riva

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Thrive In .LA Episode 1

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A rags to riches, coming of age series about brothers driven to succeed in Los Angeles, a town where extraordinary success is paid back in the Entertainment Industry and drug trafficking. Their love relationships are as wild and unusual as Los Angles in 1999. Everything looked perfect for our brothers who were beginning the millennium with plans to continue their education, one with a wrestling scholarship, and another with plans to run away to the European hostiles. But a careless night of fun at their Hollywood High School graduation party changed everything for our brothers.

Thrive In .LA Episode 2

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While Skai is off creating a stellar career in the Entertainment Industry with loving help from the leading lady, Cheri Bonsuela, the love of his life, Kayla, is feeling neglected at home or does she? Raphe has followed a brother’s advice leaving the hectic life of drug dealing to step up as a drug distributor. His new lifestyle and power are leading to much more than he could have ever expected. J is loving the diverse cultures and people of New York but will his brothers be as accepting of his new choices. Henry’s relationships, of course, are all good till he stumbles upon something that could lead to turmoil for them all.