Thrive In .LA

“It’s like a raw version of Entourage. So random and real, what a trip. I couldn’t put it down…”

– Henry Davis

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Thrive In .LA Episode 1

A rages to riches, coming of age series about brothers driven to succeed in Los Angeles, a town where extraordinary success is paid back in the Entertainment Industry and drug trafficking. Everything looked perfect for our brothers who were beginning the millennium with plans to continue their education, one with a wrestling scholarship, and another with plans to run away to the European hostiles. But a careless night of fun at their Hollywood High School graduation party changed everything for our brothers.

What followed was an intense confrontation in the Los Angeles County jail for the former all state wrestler that demonstrates his strength and acting abilities early on. His brothers went on to college and met loved ones that would change their lives all together. A former, small time drug dealer’s guilt of his brother’s incarceration would lead to madness and the beginning of a drug distribution network in Los Angeles.

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Where it all began and becomes so much more.

High School Graduation Party!
The City of Angels