Before the Flood – Full Movie National Geographic produced (among) and narrated by Leo DiCaprio is the latest Inspirational expression here.

Have you seen this film/documentary that was directed by Fisher Stevens and intimately narrated by Leo DiCaprio? This film was a collaboration between them and other passionate producers in 2016. Leo shares personal aspects of his life to truly connect with the film to help us empathetically understand why climate change is occurring. It opens as he is being appointed the Messenger of Peace on Climate Change by the United Nations. His gratitude of the United Nations, this appointment, and fascination of what is going on and what can be done about it is awe inspiring. Using his innate talents and fame to bring about awareness of what I would consider the most pertinent challenge we face as a species. I like that the documentary ends with a positive message. Thank you Leo for your concern of Mother Earth and future generations!

I also liked a conversation I had with a friend yesterday about how horrible the smog used to be in LA in the 60s and 70s. He said it was so bad, breathing the smog would bother your throat and chest. Thank God for regulations that lowered the pollution levels so now the smog is much better although Los Angeles air pollution is still among the worst in the United States. And most importantly, it demonstrates that if we take action to correct our environmental mistakes the planet will heal itself and go back to it’s former beauty. Imagine if all the countries of the world took action to end their environmental abuses? The true beauty and prosperity of Earth’s health, we would all experience the benefits of this health, and pass on to our loved future generations. This beauty is possible as Leo shares with us.

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