A practicing Houston physician discovers Covid (Corona Virus) Cure, over 350 patients treated with no deaths using the right vitamin and medicines

I saw this video and was thrilled to hear from a practicing primary care physician that is using a mixture of hydroxychloroquine, zinc vitamin, and the antibiotic zithromax to heal over 350 of her corona virus (covid-19) patients in Houston, TX with zero deaths. I really admire her testimony of her professional (?) peers that are not providing this healing combination to their patients that are dying from Corona virus (covid-19). She discovered the benefits of hydroxychloroquine drug studying for her doctorate and treating malaria patients in Nigeria.

But after I saw the video I began to see that it was being removed all over the internet. Why would a testimonial from a practicing primary care physician that has treated and cured over 350 patients without 1 loss of life be censored? Why are we going through so much heartache, globally, from the Corona Virus including it’s devastating financial effects and when a cure surfaces it’s removed from the internet?

I’m stoked to hear how the fellas from the Thrive In .LA series will react to 2020 if they make it there

#covid-19 #healing #healing process #wellness #cures #stella_immanuel


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