The Hollywood fellas are straight up like Mother Earth, let’s heal her before…

Mother Earth Healing

There is so much going on right now that’s leading to so much confusion and fear in America and the world. I have fantastic conversations with diverse people daily. Definitely One of the coolest attributes of LA is the diversity. It’s killer! I don’t want to write anymore about what he said or she said, I have my own thoughts and opinions like you do to but their was this older, white surfer dude, I might end with-hahaha. I can say that it’s good to hear that people are thinking and talking about whatever it is they feel they should share, their sharing, that’s freedom of speech. God Bless America!

Anyway, I came across an older surfer looking dude yesterday in Hermosa Beach that was like, when is anyone going to speak up, this is bullshit. This outspoken dude that’s frustrated by Americans inability to speak up. He looked around the gas station and said, look everyone is fine. Why isn’t anyone speaking up? I agreed with him and as I drive around LA and find more For Lease signs displayed in formerly occupied small businesses. I see so many vacant businesses, I see business owners sitting on a chair in front of the entrance of their small business without business.

I care about destitute people. I care about my well being and others. I especially care about Mother Earth and the rest of her children. If we keep abusing and raping her we’ll get to the point of no return. In the documentary, Chasing Coral, it shows how the planets’ coral reefs are bleaching due to global warming and the sea life that no longer have places to call home. You see, fortunately for us, the ocean is absorbing the increased heat if it wasn’t the documentary states that it would be an average temperature of 133 degrees, what the fuck, that’s hot!

In America, I feel our leadership is more concerned with keeping control through fear and confusion and of course, the economy. If we keep screwing with the planet and the temperature ends up being 133 degrees, I don’t think the economy or any other distractions will matter, no matter how many times their repeated on the focused media. The beautiful place we’ve grown up in to leave future generations we love dearly will be 133 degrees out. Then our world and homes will be getting bleached out like the sea life we are not acting to protect since they taste so good and we can’t understand their speech or feelings anyway, so who cares, right… I’d imagine Mother Earth will be fine, if it gets too hot for her and her innocent children, well, what happened in that one book that was written a long time ago when humanity began to get out of control? Or maybe like when the dinosaurs began to get out of control with her innocent children, what happened to those big fellas?

So what does our 2020 ridiculousness have to do with the 1999, Hollywood fellas in the Thrive In .LA series? Not much, but the older surfer dude reminded me of Henry, the Hollywood, Venice beach teen with the shoulder length hair on the cover of both Episode 1 and Episode 2. He has a remarkable way with humor, positive words, the ladies and foresight. He cares about truth, love, the Native Americans, our environment, weed, having a good time, 50/50 on college, writing and the ladies!

Are you ready for a cool ride of 4 close teenage buddies born and raised in Hollywood, Ca? Then grab a book and escape to their comical situations, unusual love stories, unexpected events, failure and success! I wanna tell you a story that begins in 1999 till who knows when, kick back my friends and enjoy the ride-hahaha

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