Vocals&Acoustic, Oh Really:)

I’m stoked that I met Gavin Reign, the audio engineer who set the audio levels of the Thrive In .LA Episode 1 Audio book for the appropriate Audible Audio levels. After recording the entire first episode with Garageband in an open room, I discovered that the mic picked up the traffic and other extraneous noises. It came out to be about 6 and half hours all together, what a great Audio engineering / recording lesson I learned. if I had paid attention to the ACX University suggestions I might have learned a valuable lesson beforehand and saved myself nearly 7 hours-haha:) Fortunately, Gavin recommended that I pick up Logic Pro X to do the second narration.

I’m excited to hear the Audible soon! It’s the first narration I’ve done!

In the meantime, I’ve been discovering a great deal about the composition capabilities of Logic Pro X. The creative capabilities that Apple gives us is AWESOME, thank you Steve Jobs for leading the way! When I’m not working, this whole mask 2020 thing has been very inspiring. After creating the last two songs I felt like taking it a step further to composing a song with lyrics and sing my first song. The title of the song is Believe. It should be on some streaming services pretty soon. That’d be sweet if you dig it and like to share it.

You’re Welcome to:

Pre-save my new single “Believe” on Spotify: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/scottbeaver/believe-2

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