Ever felt unhealthy and know one has an answer for your well being?

Dr. Drew Hall – Patient Testimonials – Jet Ski accident – Coma

Well, after I suffered a crazy, jet ski accident when I was 17 years old and spent a few weeks in a coma, I learned how crippling a chronic pain issue can be especially when no specialist can determine what is wrong or how to heal it. It’s weird, I’ve dealt with this chronic pain for a majority of my life but have always kept it to myself for the most part. After meeting Drew Hall that all changed. My healing began when a friend of mine that I had grown up with and knew about the accident moved to Los Angeles and began studying at Chiropractic College here. He told me about a student in clinic that was performing a specialized adjustment to the Upper Cervical (neck) area that he felt might be able to help me. Since I had suffered a killer whiplash (post traumatic experience from the jet ski accident).

This was perfect timing because I had just lost my health insurance and the only treatment that seemed to help was now ending. That treatment had been from a neurologist that told me their were no answers to my condition but he did provide me with somewhat of an answer. Basically, he gave me shots of botoxin in my ankle and foot every 3 months and daily doses of the medication, klonopin, to deal with the chronic pain. The shots seemed to work for a little while in combination with the klonopin but if I didn’t take the klonopin first thing in the morning or regularly have the botoxin shots, the chronic pain was unbearable, it was getting worse. I was on the edge without an answer and I kept hearing what my mom had said to me after multiple surgeries were unsuccessful when I was a teenager, “you might have to live with this the rest of your life.”

Maybe you’re in the same boat or know someone that is who has heard from many specialists and your or their loved ones that you might have to live with a detrimental condition that has no solutions. But I digress, my old friend, Edwin Hopson DC introduced me to the upper cervical chiropractic student, Drew Hall, in clinic that has helped realign my body’s misalignment that was causing the chronic pain and other issues. After the first couple adjustments, I have never wanted or used a dose of medication like klonopin or regular shots of botoxin again. Don’t get me wrong, the body goes through healing cycles that takes time and care. But to experience your body healing itself after years of no answers from specialist that have lead to unnecessary surgeries and medication is amazing! I’m blown away how I can continue to feel better by this specialized adjustment to my upper cervical (neck) area that Dr. Drew Hall seems to have mastered. He is now the president of this specialized chiropractic organization. I guess, I’m grateful that I suffered the accident and am now aware of this care so I can share the incredible innate healing benefits of it.

A great friend of mine has been feeling terribly ill for a couple years now thinking he might be near death. He had tried 17 different scenarios to determine what was causing his stomach issues and lack of energy but all test came back inconclusive. I recommended Drew’s care and after an MRI scan that also came back inconclusive, my friend was at his wit’s end. He met Drew and began care. After his third adjustment, about three weeks of care, I recently saw him with a big smile, wide eyed, and color in his face. He told me that he already felt 90% better! I’ve been under care for many years and understand our incredible body’s healing power but when I see it miraculously heal others, it still blows me away. My old friend and healer, Drew is pretty blown away by the body’s healing force as well…

I wonder how differently the Thrive In .LA series might have begun if I had known and experienced the natural healing benefits of Upper Cervical Chiropratic Care before writing the beginning? I wonder if the protagonist and exceptional wrestler, Skai Jenkins, was in alignment, would he of been drinking so heavily as a teenager that lead to the catalyst moment of the story? I wonder if his mother was in alignment would she have abandoned him as an infant and his father due to her depression in Hollywood? And Raphe could of had a different life if he was healthy and cared for but he grew up on the streets of Los Angeles alone with only drugs to escape and survive with.

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