Ever been worn out and act like an Ass?

I’ll be the first to admit it because I find life in Los Angeles a hustle especially during this mask period. Regardless of the hustle, I love the City of Angels! Don’t get me wrong, if my choice was to have a normal life then there are incredible cities all over America and incredible countries with wonderful people where the cost of living is affordable and easier going. Shit, I’ve been here for a while and to maintain a comfortable lifestyle I have to hustle like you might. Fortunately, the gig economy has freed me now. But with incredible flexibility and independent peace of mind, it also brings a real hustle, sink or swim-Bro!

But sometimes after a long day, you might be impatient or irritable to others without considering your rude behavior. After what could have been a wonderful time connecting with an incredible person; chilling out, laughing, drumming, and taking it EZ, brotha, you walk away going what did I do or say? Los Angeles might be a challenging place to thrive, but meeting fantastic people in a true, global community is real. It doesn’t matter if your white, brown, yellow, red, drive what, wear, think, act, or groove, you’re bound to meet warm and fantastic people. And if you’re respectful to them you might create a wonderful friendship with someone that you admire and they do to. Life is cool like that, wherever you are, there will always be cool people to chill with and create awesome friendships that will help you both grow and thrive.

I was driving before the New Year’s Eve Celebration of 2017 and dropped off some ladies at the Dave Chappelle and John Mayer performance at the Forum. Killer events like those around town are plentiful and if you have the chance to go, Go. I haven’t made it to many events like this yet but the protagonist, Skai Jenkins in the Thrive In .LA series does. After growing up with only a single father in the heart of Hollywood in the 90s, Skai finds his rambunctious ways mixed with alcohol to be detrimental to him. His athletic prowess and looks leads to an unreal confrontation in county jail with a serial rapist. What follows foreshadows the determination to succeed against the odds and leads to cool events, back stage with artists like Dave Chappelle and John Mayer. You never know in the city of Angels where or who you might end up with as a rising star. Enjoy Skai Jenkin’s cool journey to Thrive In .LA!

#Flamengo #covid #ローソンのシーマヨ食べたい #ローソン #FlaFluNoSBT #european #europetravel #blacklivesmatters #wearamask #love #blm #art #hustle #alwaysbelieve #davechappelle #johnmayer #superstar #superstars

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