Creative CoVert Normalcy

Well, it’s nice to see some normalcy coming back to Los Angeles. There was normalcy of some sort in Los Angeles of 1999. I was able to work as a bar back at a sweet party some where in the Hollywood Hills on the New Years of 1999. But the normalcy wasn’t memories of that night because I was working rather I was able to stick to my New Year’s Resolution the last night of the millennium. After years of trying to quit smoking cigarettes, I was finally able to do it. Thank God, that was such a hardcore addiction but it was fortunate to experience such a crazy drug. It made for good writing realistic drug abuse issues that our boys experience in the Thrive In .LA series.

Normalcy is so fascinating as we role into 2020 of this millennium. The creativity that is imploding from my funky soul this bizarre time is taking any signs of normalcy somewhere else. Or is this normalcy that has been yearning to be expressed for many years finally coming full center. I dig it! Writing a song, composing music for it, practice singing the words of the song, and memorizing and recording it. That’s bizarre but absolutely delicious looking forward to narrating Episode 2 after the song. I’m not sure of any such normalcy in Los Angeles that I’ve experienced.

When you grow up in a Drum Circle at Venice Beach, Cali, wild Los Angeles leading to a cubicle, computer, and headset to survive you can be pretty certain that you’ll be. This millennium will be fantastic especially considering the beautiful planet, Earth, that we will be thoughtfully leaving to generations that will be enjoying the nature, wildlife, space, and plenty of natural resources. A healthy, planet Earth and our civilization still thriving in 3000. It seems so far away but 3000 years since Jesus’s life is like a second to Mother Earth. What if we became so thoughtful and enlightened that our children’s children to the power of many enjoyed the Earth 10,000 years from now? This millennium normalcy isn’t normal, you get it. And neither are my brothers, Henry, Raphe, Skai, and J beginning their stories as they are graduating from Hollywood High School of 1999 to Thrive In .LA.

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