Life is So Cool when You Create

Well, it’s only been a while since I wrote the first two literary episodes of Thrive In .LA. But the joy of writing and continuing the story of the boys in LA is back! J’s just made it back to his new home away from home to begin his studies to receive a PHD in psychology from Colombia University. Henry is contemplating big steps that will take his life to the next level. Skai has disappeared after starring in another feature film that is at the top of the box office but is his disappearance due to the tabloids or something much more meaningful. Raphe is still using and abusing as he expands his distribution business.

If you’re interested in a great diversion from the bizarre 2020s, then step back to 1999 and see what the boys from LA are into next. Life is fast when you grow up in a major city like Los Angeles before the millennium. Enjoy the Wild Ride…

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