A Key to Happiness and Positive Changes

Well, that’s a pretty huge key hole to fill and I’m not a huge fan of locks or carrying a large key so I’ll get to the point. The Thrive In .LA series begins with a major catalyst moment that sets the future objectives in motion for our brothers. The guilt and loss of his best friend was too much for Raphe to handle that sets him on a downward spiral emotionally, mentally, and physically. The words that Raphe continually uses of himself cast a dark shadow on his being. The following is an excerpt from Episode 1.

     “I’m an asshole, I’m such a fucking asshole,” Raphe said as he waited for the bus on the corner outside of the courthouse.  Henry and J were silent because they had always overlooked how Raphe got by, whether it was because they always had fun or it was excused because Raphe was on his own.  That’s how he made a living, regardless, it wasn’t hurting anyone but the buyers.  Those good times were over now, they realized as Skai looked over his shoulder at us and nodded his head once as he exited the courtroom.
       The bus came to a stop and the door flew open, Raphe never looked up as he got on, still muttering to himself, “I’m such a fucking asshole.” 

This is a pretty extreme situation of using your words against yourself but I feel in many ways at some time or another we use our words and/or thoughts to curse ourselves. The Key to Happiness and Positive Changes that I’m sharing lies in your inner thoughts and feelings. Guard them with meditation, moderation, exercise, peaceful places, positive friends, the thoughts and feelings you surround yourself with can make or break you.

Fortunately, Raphe has positive and caring friends that help him manage but his inner demons and addictions lead to unreal deception and a major drug distribution network.

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