Panama has continued his journey to Episode 2 and shares his thoughts of the Thrive In .LA series with yas:)

Scott Larner aka Panama, is a great buddy that I hung with the two years I was enrolled at Marshall University before heading to LA. I was stoked to hear Panama’s valued opinion of the Thrive In .LA series because as you’ll shortly read, Panama is about as genuine and straight up as they come. I found that to be a common attribute for West Virginians but Panama, well, we raged many times with the Thundering Herd so I figured he’d appreciate some of the asinine actions of the LA Boys.

When I offered him a free copy to read Episode 1, he was reluctant. He told me that he didn’t read that often and to make it through a whole book probably wouldn’t happen. I completely understood and would probably say the same thing if an old friend asked me to read their novel but give it a shot dude. He’s a brotha and agreed to give it a shot. Four days later, he called to tell me that he was nearly done, reading about 6 chapters a day-hahaha. You can imagine how exciting this was to hear! So exciting that I wanted to dedicate this blog to PANANA when he told me that he just bought Episode 2 and his excitement in reading it.

I caught Panama as he was out on a run in Charlotte, NC asking if he could share his feelings getting ready to begin reading Episode 2.

Scott Beaver is one crazy mofo. When he said he wrote a book, I was lmfao. Then I read it and all I can say is awesome. The story had me from the first chapter. I couldn’t stop reading it. So psyched for Episode 2. I can’t wait to see what these boys from LA get into next.

Thank you Panama for the inspiration as I begin writing what happens next!!!

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