An Alternative Hip Hop tune my brotha calls a Meditation Rap

Well, I guess it was a matter of time till I figured out how to rap in the microphone as the beats created are playing in these headphones. Be Still is the first track that I was able to throw down some lyrics on the beat I created. That’s ridiculous and awesome too! Technology these days, being able to create new hip hop music or new rap songs at the touch of a keyboard. Drum to your own beat is the inspiration, screw perfection when the goal is to express your art with disregard to who ever has anything negative to say about it.

I like positive new hip hop music and new rap songs, they feel good to hear and flow to, yeah baby, will you flow? I like that, how art begins and then grows into whatever the artist or audience is feeling. Enjoy Be Still

It’s a tough call figuring out if Henry, Raphe, Skai, or J would dig this the most from the Thrive In .LA series. Since it begins in 1999 and they were in to the pioneer rap of the time. Who do you think would dig it?

#hiphop #rap #rapper #keepitreal #flowing #lakeshrine

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