Oh Fasting – Feel Better and Remain Healthy!

I’m definitely ready to feel better and think about choices that will help me remain positive and healthy. I’m familiar with the many benefits of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and scored when I discovered that Paul and his daughter, Patricia Bragg wrote, The Miracle of Fasting: Proven throughout History for physical, Mental, Spiritual Rejuvenation book. When I discovered that animals in the wild naturally stop eating when they get sick, I figured, I’m pretty wild, I’m in. Fasting has helped me get over sickness in a day in the past after a 24 hour water fast, but I digress, what does Patricia Bragg have to say.

Fasting renews your faith in yourself, your strength and Gods strength.
Fasting is easier than any diet. • Fasting is the quickest way to lose weight.
Fasting is adaptable to a busy life. • Fasting gives the body a physiological rest. Fasting is used successfully in the treatment of many physical illnesses.
Fasting can yield weight losses of up to 10 pounds or more in the first week. Fasting lowers & normalizes cholesterol, homocysteine & blood pressure levels. Fasting improves dietary habits. • Fasting increases pleasure eating healthy foods. Fasting is a calming experience, often relieving tension and insomnia.
Fasting frequently induces feelings of euphoria, a natural high.
Fasting is a miracle rejuvenator, slowing the aging process.
Fasting is a natural stimulant to rejuvenate the growth hormone levels.
Fasting is an energizer, not a debilitator. • Fasting aids the elimination process. Fasting often results in a more vigorous marital relationship.
Fasting can eliminate smoking, drug and drinking addictions.
Fasting is a regulator, educating the body to consume food only as needed.
Fasting saves time spent marketing, preparing and eating.
Fasting rids the body of toxins, giving it an internal shower & cleansing.
Fasting does not deprive the body of essential nutrients.
Fasting can be used to uncover the sources of food allergies.
Fasting is used effectively in schizophrenia treatment & other mental illnesses.
Fasting under proper supervision can be tolerated easily up to four weeks.
Fasting does not accumulate appetite; hunger pangs disappear in 1-2 days.
Fasting is routine for the animal kingdom.
Fasting has been a common practice since the beginning of man’s existence.
Fasting is a rite in all religions; the Bible alone has 74 references to it.
Fasting under proper conditions is absolutely safe.
Fasting is a blessing.
Fasting is not starving, it’s nature’s cure that God has given us.” – Patricia Bragg

Spiritual Bible Reasons Why We Should Fast
 Acts 13:2-3 Acts 14:23-25 3 John 2
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Deut. 11:7-14,21 Ezra 8:23
Gen. 6:3
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Matthew 9: 9-15 Matthew 17:18-21 Neh. 1:4
Neh. 9:1, 20-21 Psalms 35:13 Psalms 119:18

I’d imagine that J would be the first to try fasting based on the decisions that he makes following Episode 1 of Thrive In .LA. Which brother do you think would choose fasting?

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