It’s Unusual to feel Unusually happy about creating my 1st tune with Logic Pro X

During this time of a worldwide epidemic that is taking many lives and crushing so many lives in unquantifiable ways, I’m embracing self-expression. The joy of creating new art and sharing the expressions from the past to continue today is exhilarating. But it also feels strange sharing joy and excitement of artistic expression when there is so much trouble now. As we watch another African American man being abused, assaulted, and killed by several officers who’s duty is to serve and to protect. I had just moved to Los Angeles after the Rodney King riots had occurred and the officers were acquitted of the abuse that was caught on video. I wonder what might happen if the officers are not held accountable for there deadly actions to George Floyd?

The internet fortunately points out that a former airman, a 21 years old African American man, Dreasjon Reed, was shot and killed by Indianapolis police earlier this month. It’s fortunate because I hope that this tragic racial killing is shared with enough people that change will follow now. I believe that things must get better, but the monkey mind challenges and doubts this optimism that has helped me withstand the ups and downs of Los Angeles.

When I began this blog, my intentions were to share the Thrive In .LA series, positivity, art and helpfulness with others who might enjoy reading and benefiting from it. But my excitement continues to be overshadowed by the tragic events that continue to happen to my fellow Americans, even a former Air Force member. How can this happen in the land of the free? How can the color of someone’s skin be so targeted? How can this be tolerated by our leaders? I’m sickened by this.

I was supposed to be writing a blog entry about my delight and enthusiasm of creating my first tune with Logic Pro X. Are you kidding me, this tune makes me want to dance! That’s so cool, to create a song that inspires me to dance like playing a djembe drum that inspires dancing! I’m eager to create meaningful music, write intriguing future episodes of Thrive In .LA, cost effectively direct the Thrive series, introduce healthy ideas for our planet in an environmental action film that’s ready to shoot, and perform with some amazing artists in LA. If you’d like to help me do this, leave an anonymous tip.

How do you feel about however you feel right now with all this change is in the world?

#blacklivesmatters #covid19 #georgefloyd #lockdownhouseparty #love #nature #creativity #creative #beats #producer #urban

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