A Virus, Racial Abuse, and Curfew in the US

It’s pretty crazy times we’re in right now. I’m still a bit surprised having to a wear a mask at times and now their is a curfew in Los Angeles. I guess, I understand the need for them both and am sorry for everyone that is being effected by this virus and especially racial abuse. Unfortunately, I feel that many more people are being negatively effected by this virus that don’t have it.

The racial abuse doesn’t make sense to me though. We are the same, regardless of our race. We all share love for each other, we all have hopes and dreams, we all are here to help one another. If we all looked out for each other regardless of whatever is used to divide us, imagine how much better our society would be. As a vegetarian, I feel this way for our most innocent and helpless neighbors that we are responsible for as we steward this planet for who knows how much longer the way we’re treating it.

I see training tactics like a knee in the neck to subdue someone by our law enforcement. Do you understand how critical that part of your body is for our well being and livelihood? That’s the primary pathway from the brain stem to the spinal cord that controls all the nerves in your body. I saw a policeman breaking up the protestors yesterday in New York and his reaction was to hold the protestor down with his knee in his neck. Luckily, there was another officer that pushed his knee back off the protestor’s neck. I admire the Houston police chief, Art Acevedo’s thoughts that their is “no excusing” the killing of George Floyd.

Thanks for reading this and share your thoughts. How do you feel about everything now?

#blacklivesmatter #nycprotest

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