FREE (edited) book promotion this weekend!

I’m excited to offer a FREE PROMO of Episode 1 of the Thrive In .LA series. You can download the FREE (kindle) ebook that’s available today and tomorrow, the 24th! I’m enjoying this WordPress blogosphere community and the fascinating post. If you’d like to read the 1st episode of this urban series about friendship, love, hardships and success in Los Angeles, please share your feelings of the grammar and flow of the story. It’s been recently edited and your thoughts of the edit are so appreciated.

It’s funny and absolutely ridiculous that the edited version is available after the release, I guess, I’m a bit special like that-haha. And I’m always stoked to hear the thoughts from the Facebook Thrive In .LA Group!

Thank You for Supporting!

#beachlife #enjoytheview #goodvibesonly #somethingnew #drama #fiction #romance #bookclub #writingcommunity #readingcommunity #gratitude

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