The Immune System Booster

Can you believe how incredible you are? I mean, the make up of you, the human psyche and capabilities. As I write this, I look forward to reading it to remind myself. Our abilities to heal ourselves and to move forward in whichever positive direction we choose. If we are cut then our mighty immune systems heals. If we are sick then our mighty immune system with positivity heals. If we are suffering from a post traumatic experience, our body can heal itself by realignment without surgery or medication. Thank you Dr. Hall for healing me.

How to improve immune system? That is the question during this unusual time. When I began to look within through meditation and introspection, the happiness advantage became apparent. A feeling of peace and understanding became apparent. Positivity began to appear which ever door was opened. The ones that I would like to have kept closed became positivity from the growth experienced. Later on, the doors that I wish had remained closed were blessings in disguise. Life’s fantastic immune system booster that YOU are.

How to improve immune system? Harvard says,

Harvard is absolutely right on and I’d like to add positivity as an immune system booster. Because with the right mindset you are capable of anything and you will succeed if you believe it, right? It’s up to you and the right environment to keep it that way. Your thoughts, feelings, attitude, and willingness to open up to the goodness that is coming to you always. The Happiness Advantage is a beautiful thing when embraced and cherished. Whoa, The Happiness Advantage is available to all, the kingdom of heaven is at hand and/or within. So protect yourself, by smiling, by loving, by remaining positive always, and RELAX.

#positivity #happiness #relaxing #hope #nature #meditation #love

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