The Good Times Be Coming…

It appears that this Respiratory cold could be bringing fantastic times with the quick economic turn around from legalizing Marijuana/Hemp plant world wide for medicinal purposes vs vaccines, all the retail benefits, alternative fuels as well, like the best cloth that Old Glory (first US flag) is made of, and the Constitution that is still holding out also made of Hemp. I could go on and on about the unlimited benefit$ of the plant but that’s in a previous blog.

Anyway, yesterday was fantastic recording an audition video with some super friends. I stay away from CoronaVirus talk because it’s spun to scare us which weakens our immune systems so no thank you. But my friends response, to my question wondering if she knew anyone personally with it was awesome to hear. She was the first friend to say yes to that question. She has a friend that caught it but quickly got over it by drinking hot water/tea and having Vitamin C. I’ve heard the same thing and it does seem to help keep ya healthy. I’ve heard that same thing from a nurse I know too.

Friendship and family is also an incredible immune booster. Recently, I jammed out with some friends y familia near the beach. The Lung Health Institute agrees that fresh air blowing from the ocean is incredibly healing for those who are suffering from respiratory problems. And drumming, dancing, and hula hooping feel great too. What a fantastic time watching Dani going off with the hula hoop to the nice steady police rhythm. And what’s made me feel the best during this strange time is receiving a pic from the magic man, the youngest guy I know in Los Angeles, a legendary bodysurfer, dancer, and Dynamic hat creator, STEVEI!!! And now getting to share Thrive In .LA Episode 1 with an awesome native. Thrive In .LA Episode 2’s Paperback pink book cover will look great on ya to STEVEI!!! Episode 2 E-book is available also.

STEVEI with Episode 1

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