Whoa, just released Episode 2 and jamming with my homies, Page 9

Thrive In .LA Episode 2 E-book and Paperback Now Available

“Henry, I’m so excited about that but really we’ve got to get going, could you please hurry up so we don’t miss the flight?  They suggest that we should be at the airport at least a couple of hours in advance this time of year,” she says beside the car.

     Stopping after he exits the lobby he stood there and asked her to come over to him.  He insisted, he’s not moving.  Sandra stood there for a few minutes; panicked, wondering if he was really serious then ran over to him.  He gave her a big hug, kiss and whispered in her ear that he’s so happy that she’s coming with him. 

     She smiled and took a deep breath, “You’re right, I’m going to relax, but will you please help me do that by just getting in the car?”

     “Yes,” he jumped in the car real quick and leaned his head out the window.  “Could we please get going?  Our flight is taking off in a little over two hours and they suggest you be there at least an hour early this time of year.  This procrastinating is really taking me aback, Sandra.  This really isn’t like you at all…”

     “Shut up,” she said as she jumped in and started the car.

     As the plane approached JFK, Henry couldn’t stop looking out the window, “Check out how compact the city is.  J told me that he didn’t drive that much because he could walk or take public transportation anywhere, but I had no idea it was this small.”

     “That’s one of the highlights of the city.  It’s huge, but it’s got a neighborhood feel to it,” she said, lying her head on his shoulder.

     “Everything is so green, I love it already,” he said looking out the window.  “Look, I think that’s Central Park.  J lives right around there somewhere.”

     As the plane landed, J was waiting at the terminal for his company to arrive.  When they came walking out, Henry saw his dear friend and his face lit up.

     “Hey J, what up punk?”  He said with a five then a hug.  “Dude, this is my girlfriend, Sandra.”

     “It’s really nice to finally meet you, Sandra.  I’ve heard so much about you,” J said with twinkles in his eyes.

     “I’ve heard a lot about you, too,” she said with a big smile, shaking his hand.  “Thank you so much for letting us come stay with you.”

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