Coming of Age in an X-Wing Fighter

Like many others, I was coming of age as Luke Skywalker from Star Wars early on. A magical time when anything you could imagine was possible, was possible. Fortunately, I had cousins that were around that age and Using the Force also as we ran around with our lightsabers and helmets. I remember, getting a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter that spun around with lasers as fast you as you could spin it. It was a wild time spinning and firing accurate laser shots but luckily an older cousin would lean down and whisper in my ear as I spun, “The Force is with you. Use the Force.” Fantastic coming of age with the storytelling of George Lucas, helped out by his buddies, Francis Ford Coppola and StevenSpielberg. Francis had recently shined as the director of the GodFather which gave him and George ideas of creating their own production companies. Super cool, the friendship, support, and vision that they had, Brilliant.

It’s been a few years and it feels like I’m being transported to a cockpit of a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter narrating Episode 1.

The size of the recording studio in the closet feels like a cockpit-haha. But the spinning has changed from turning a handle to spin faster to clicking a keyboard so the sound flows smoother. A real treat, telling the story about diverse topics and feelings through the eyes of brothers and their loves. Romances, Rags to Riches, and Retaliations. Watching raw, urban teens of Los Angeles mature in to their twenties. One a student of life with herbs, another discovering new communities, one abusing narcotics and others, and the fourth brother overcoming his setbacks to shine. I wish I could tell you more but I’d like for you to be surprised. Thrive In .LA Episode 1 is a wild ride that will evolve this year. Episode Two will be released soon with two more Episodes to come. Some miraculous times are coming for Skai, Henry, Raphe, and J. You’d never imagine it from the first few chapters

#romance #romancenovels #urbanart #urbandrama #rawla

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