Breathing Deeply, She’s There

Turning a corner and there she rest
Quietly and unassuming
She waits beautifully
For anyone with love
To intersect

I feel her peace
I feel still
I feel like
Can this be real
I can hear the organ
A unique style
A first time here
It feels so clear
Thank You My Love
For helping me
Slow down
To enjoy you

My Dear
Always Clear

A place to rest
A place to be cheer
And chill
This story be told
Of wild teens
Reckless Hollywood
Recluse Brothers
With a Great deal
Of Care and Love
Drama is swift
Quick, on to
Much more
Narrating I’m Lost
These characters
Brothers, Sisters
I’m down to play
Waking this morning
And recording oh my
A break up
That lead to tears
From my eyes
I skate around the corner
Thank you
For your watchful eye
Jailing a young, wild life
A protagonist with strength
To think with clarity and decide
With humility
A beautiful person
And dream to come
I randomly stumbled upon this
Today, with calm Dismay
Surprised by love
And the incessant typing
Of Free Will
Is all I can say…

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