A great time to reflect, Think about the reasoning of the Coronavirus , Take a walk in the Rain…

I recently stopped by Chipotle for a Veggie burrito and discovered something very unique. A dude was standing outside playing the trumpet in the cold, rain to nobody. I agreed with him that playing an instrument feels great and he also said it was a way of giving back. I’d love to give back like that to the Universe playing outside once I get good enough on the guitar and maybe hum a little too.

I’m glad to be home creating some things with a Tropical Island Beach in Thailand playing on the TV. Because every time I catch some news or go out I’m reminded of the scary times we are currently in as most people are wearing mask. I’ve heard several times that this week is comparable to 9/11 or Pearl Harbor or another terrifying time by many ‘experts’. I’m definitely not an expert or a Doctor, but I do have a few years of college completed and have internet access.

Today, it has been reported As of early March, the coronavirus outbreak had infected more than 100,000 people and killed more than 3,000 globally, the majority in China, where the illness was first detected in December. This is a tragedy unless you feel that their is a Heavenly after life and it is a growing experience for those left behind. Henry of www.thrivein.la probably believes that this, like everything else happens for a positive reason even if it doesn’t seem that way on the surface, and things always get better. Go figure, I agree. Keep in mind that the common flu has infected as many as 45 million Americans since October and killed as many as 46,000. Not to scare you like others, but a lot of people are effected by the common flu every year. Regardless of those mass numbers, it doesn’t ever result in shutting down everything and scaring people to wear mask and gloves, and harm people’s well being emotionally, physically, mentally and financially.

So, I’m wondering why is this respiratory cold shutting down the world when others that are more harmful never have? I recently received an email from Friends of the Earth informing me that the Trump administration is leasing off huge swaths of public lands in Colorado to the fossil fuel industry for fracking. (That article from the Audubon society came out February 20, 2020 right about the same time the Virus scare became public-hmmmm.) This will irreversibly damage public lands-we the people of the United States own, wildlife habitats, and the wildlife. Not to mention how detrimental this will be to local towns and Native Americans that live there. Interesting huh, I remember hearing that Trump was trying to alter laws protecting national parks so oil pipelines could go through them before this respiratory, cold virus became the worldwide epidemic.

Now, it’s all the public is concerned about because that’s all we hear about and terrified of. Our leadership and huge backer$ don’t have to worry about the publics’ awareness that our public lands are being sold out due to the fear of the Coronavirus scare. Or that concerned citizens of the 67,000 acres of land in Colorado will be able to share there concerns with fellow Americans. The distractions are always so sharp and deceptive when it comes to big money and politics….

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