Take Two!! Shhhh in the Closet:)

Well, I was pretty stoked about narrating the complete Thrive In .LA 1st Episode a couple weeks ago! Whoa, this dream of sharing my series is actually happening and I completed the most fun part of it, recording Episode 1, right… Right, you might not be too surprised to hear that an audio setting was too low and I didn’t consider possible issues recording the whole book in an open room. So when we turned up the RMS levels to meet the ACX Submission Requirements, you could hear the lovely traffic of LA (hey, it’s an urban drama it fits the story but I digress) and that’s not professional quality.

My dream has always been to create art that people would appreciate and pay to enjoy since moving to Los Angeles. Then I would be a true, professional artist. So, I’ve moved my recording studio to the closet where the noise sound quality is quiet enough for an Audible. This has been another great learning experience and still dreaming of telling this story to millions of people around the US and the world.

#fridayfeeling #lovelyday #gratitude #youngminds #art #dramaalert

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