What does this all mean man

Well, it’s a beautiful day out. Appreciate how good it is Where ever you are, the fresh (no smog or pollution) breeze and beautiful climate.

Mother Earth has got to be loving this.

Peace and quiet and very little pollution that we are constantly producing without care is gone for a moment. Imagine where the economy will be from this and how beneficial the legalization of marijuana will be for the WORLD. For our economy, health, alternative fuels, and peace of mind. Henry Ford’s first Model-T was built to run on hemp gasoline and the CAR ITSELF WAS CONSTRUCTED FROM HEMP!

George Washington would be stoked to hear that!

Did you know Old Glory (the first American flag) and the Constitution are both made of hemp…

I’m excited about the future possibilities and the positive changes that will be following this hype.

I’m still in the process of reading Episode 1 and am stoked that Thrive In .LA Episode 2 will be coming out in April. I’m so flabbergasted that I had to get my groove on with my lady…

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