As we continue to grow and think of Mother Earth

Well, I’m glad to be staying home with most of the United States to give Mother Earth a chance to chill without the typical 350 million Americans busily doing our things on her surface. I feel selfish because in the back of my mind I’m thinking I wish it were back to normal already. We have business, bills to pay, places to go out to, hang out with our loved ones, and do the coolest things to do in the world. I quit watching TV and the news a couple years ago because it seems to have an agenda of provoking worry, fear, and anxiety. Things that don’t help keep me healthy mentally and physically.

Anyway, I do like the internet and the massive connections we’re making with our worldwide community, business, technology, it’s all pretty cool. So I remain kind of tuned it. And the ego is like, this is ridiculous, it’s just been reported that 1,711 people have died from this virus in America and 100,000 people have caught it who probably won’t even realize they have it. The selfish ego goes on, thinking what about the 56,000 people die a year from the Cold and common flu now not to mention pneumonia (that’s life, right). And the ridiculous ego is like so why don’t we close everything down more often for everyone that dies from the cold, flu, and not to mention the nearly 70,000 deaths from pneumonia a year in the USA too?

But then I take a deep fresh breath of air and realize how wonderful this is for our Mother Earth. Stay positive and healthy.

I’m sorry for the ego because I feel for those that have lost one of the 1711 people that have died from this ridiculous virus out of the 350,000,000 people in the US and in other parts of the world. But I wonder if more people are being effected that are dealing with the worry, fear, and anxiety that is resulting from this scare? It’s an awful feeling when you have a retail business with employees to pay or have to let them go for a virus less harmful than the cold, common flu, and pneumonia. Interesting, the TV, news, and media benefit from worry, fear, and anxiety.

Whatever, I’m stoked that you can check out the first few chapters of the urban drama, Thrive In .LA Episode 1 to see if it’s something you’d be interested in reading while your chillin at home.

#single #chilling #love #coronavirus #realLA #teenstyle #comingofage #peace #creative #itsallgood #gratitude

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