When you have a Blog, I guess you write about

About what’s going on cuz I’ve written about the Urban Drama, Thrive In .LA ePisode 1 mucho and I love it. This Coronavirus world event that is happening right now is actually kind of nice for our Mother Earth. All business and most traffic have stopped in my huge, homie, Los Angeles and the world. So she can finally have a few days of fresh air to breath.

It’s all You

Ahhhh deeply breath in then hold your breath for a few then slowly exhale hold your breath for a few and peace out as you continue to deeply breath in and out slowly. Enjoy that peace, clarity, and love within you always. Wouldn’t it be so nice to the environment if we could close down the city a few days a week or month to let Mother Earth chill and breath. And on those days we all have to stay home and chill for Mother Earth and her beautifully pure family, not drive and throw Robie:)

#gratitude #love #peace #creative #itsallgood

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