Proofing Episode 2 was a real treat as I chilled at home listening to the US Coronavirus Task Force

I’m happy that I caught the Presidential Update yesterday on this virus. I especially appreciated hearing Dr. Birx’s opinion on the subject as a member of the US Coronavirus Task Force. She said that the test rates across the country, which are few now, are still way under 10% except for one place: New York City, metro New York, New Jersey, close to New York City which is around 28%. Basically, the virus is affecting people that have pre-existing conditions that are older than 50. Their have been no coronavirus positive test results that lead to death with a healthy person 50 years old or younger. And no fatalities of anyone younger than 15 years old. So, if you’re elderly with preexisting health conditions enjoy your solo, cozy pad until this passes and if you’re a healthy, 50 year old or younger, relax. We’ve all had a cold or flu and gotten over it right, By the way, this is a great series to take you through 2020 beginning in 1999.

Yesterday, I was chilling at home and proofing Episode 2 that will be released next month. Keep in mind, I wrote the first two episodes in 1999 so it’s a really, fresh read-haha. Reading about carless Henry praising Skai’s 1984 Nissan Pulsar, good ole Betsy, right before Henry slowly pulled out of UCLA heading down Sunset Blvd to smoke at the beach with his thespian brother, Skai. I was laughing out loud a few times reading this young Californian’s thoughts and dialogue with his up and coming buddy. I’m happy that I am finally sharing this wonderful story of some real diverse, unique, funny, crazy, young, honest in their own ways, beautiful brothers and sisters of Los Angeles…

#coronaviruslockdown #coronavirus #relax #beautifulday #lovelife #upandcoming

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