Could You Imagine writing a passionate #comingofage series without any interest to read?

The effects of being in and waking from a coma gave Beaver, the author of the Thrive In .LA series, the creative aspiration to write but at the same time inhibited his reading comprehension and interest in reading altogether. So contemplating this story, he had to make sure that he had enough drama, action, love, passion, and humor to peek his own interest to turn the next page. These key elements of the story actually gave him more interest in writing it. And the most intriguing way of expressing that was through a fictional group of young, passionate brothers in his new home, Los Angeles.

If you decide to join our brothers; wild Skai, laid back Henry, disillusioned Raphe, and stable J’s journey, it could be a very fast read. You might want to take your time and absorb what is happening as the story jumps from one character to the next. The detail of their lives and the swift storylines might lead you to enjoy reading it a couple times. Keep in mind, their choices and actions effect each other. Either way, you have till the fourth month of 2020 to read what happens to these guys next and the ladies that they love and love them.

Beaver recommends downloading the free Kindle app on your iPhone or Android to read the ebook on your phone. But if reading on your tablet, computer, or paperback works better for you, then that’s definitely cool too. The technology to read ebooks on your phone is incredible! Enjoy and Share…

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