Could U Imagine the passionate feelings our brothers had coming of age?

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Closing his locker, Jacob, better known as J to his friends, watched a couple guys pass him as he considered his chances of being accepted to Columbia University. The thought of going to school in New York and the freedoms that it would bring. But of course, J would second guess his chances of getting in like he typically did when it came to his feelings in the closet. Henry noticed his friend deep in thought and glided over with some skin. J woke and nodded with a smile as he realized the time above the lockers hurrying off too class. If only J could give himself time to learn ways to relax. Henry on the other hand, took his time appreciating the passing beauties and saying hello to each one always cool calm and collected. He wasn’t worried about things, because he knew it would all work out for the best as long you remain cool calm and collected. J slowly strolled in class as the bell rang waking the teenager lost in the closet.

Skai on the other hand was rushing to see his high school sweetheart, Kayla, before varsity wrestling and weight lifting began. He wasn’t as light on his feet after a late night drinking malt liquor with his friend Raphe. Raphe’s choice, which had become a regular vice to deal with the traumatic experiences he dealt with on the streets of Los Angeles. Skai laughed and drank with him much later than he knew he should because of the concern he saw in his brothers eyes. The odds of a high school sweetheart let alone a woman to love seemed an impossibility to Raphe. It’s interesting to ponder how this story would have played out if Raphe found help early on for his isolation and addictions.

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