Could U Imagine discovering your soulmate in High School?

Another Monday to begin the week. He was pretty beat after winning the Southern California Varsity Tourney the previous Friday. Admiring students gave the wrestling champion high five, pounded him, hugs and others just cleared the way as he walked down the hall his Sophomore year. The young wrestler was bashful nodding to just about everybody he made eye contact with. It was unreal how much things had changed in a year. Skai had gone from running the streets of Hollywood with his hoodlum friend, Raphe, to becoming a wrestling champion in Southern California.

But regardless of his dad’s affection or notoriety what would happen next overshadowed everything else in his life. The hall was clear as he slowly walked pass the Principal’s office. He stopped for a minute and stretched his calves leaning on the water fountain. This had become like meditation for him as he closed his eyes and breathed deeply. After the daily workouts, his muscles bulged but remained lean and limber. Drifting off, he felt a gentle hand pat his shoulder and looked back to find a beautiful, new student smiling. Can I have a drink, she giggled. Skai was mesmerized looking in those foreign eyes of this young love and what looked like a green paint spot just below her left eye. He nodded with a smile as he stood aside admiring her bend over to drink and then playfully run off to Art Class.

Luckily, he found himself behind this young love in the lunch line. She had just moved to Los Angeles from Boulder, Colorado. Skai found himself talking to Kayla till the bell sounded. It was time to get back to class. They made plans to go to Venice beach and their love became inseparable…

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