Could U Imagine the importance of the arts for these guys…

Henry was a head of the game when he discovered that writing was the best way to deal with and enjoy his diverse emotions. His ability to express himself through word and weed was exceptional allowing him to remain cool calm and collected. Typically, leaving others laughing and following through with the plans that Henry had in mind. It was a usual day at Hollywood High School for Henry and Skai until they went to lunch. Of course, Skai was fired up about the wrestling matches he planned to win against the rival schools and his friend was busy chatting with the girls.

But as Henry spun his comical web for the ladies, he noticed a flyer hanging next to the entrance of the cafeteria and drifted over to it. It was introducing tryouts for the school play and easily removed. The young writer understood the importance of the arts for everyone. Henry looked over at his aggressive friend in the lunch line and cut in with a joke to those directly behind him. Skai pushed his lanky brother laughing till he noticed that his friend had dropped a piece of paper and picked it up. The wrestler was intrigued to find that it was an audition notice for the school play and put it in his pocket. Henry just smiled and kept moving forward chatting with the ladies cool calm and collected.

Later in the week, Skai surprisingly made it to the audition and was cast with a speaking role in the play. He quickly learned his lines and was able to juggle the rehearsal times and his wrestling practice. His brothers were all roaring when he stepped on to the stage and spoke a few lines. But the night of the play, his dad picked up a couple heading to San Diego and wasn’t there to see his shining son perform. The next morning, Skai remained silent as he ate breakfast with his dad who excitedly went on and on about his chances of winning state. Skai knew if he focused he could win for his old man. That was the one and only school play he was in.

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