Could You Imagine the bonds made growing up on the Los Angeles streets together…

The bonds that teens made playing on the livid streets of Hollywood and Los Angeles was unique towards the end of the first millennium. Back when hookers and dealers were on every other block and you never knew who was pulling up around the next corner. The teens of Hollywood were excited, intrigued by the present, energized, and shared a carefree recklessness. Those that clicked, watched each others back, kept their word to that brother or sister, and looked out for one another. Because the streets could be unforgiving and cold for the youth from broken homes without supervision, Skai made great friends, like Henry.

Skai grew up as he continued to defend himself and his crew. But his juvenile abandonment was too much for his own good and his choices were beginning to lead him on a dark path. Fortunately, the wrestling coach was their to break up a fight between a couple seniors and the newbie freshman on Hollywood Blvd in front of the high school. Skai was quickly recruited on the wrestling squad and discovered his natural skills. His dad was incredibly proud watching his son’s wrestling ranking rise and Skai loved his dad’s praise as he won many trophies.

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